homeopathy-bigHomeopathy is a widely used system of medicine practised for over 150 years in many Asian countries including India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, and also extensively practised in Europe and South America.
Homeopathic Medicines are diluted and potentised Medicines primarily sourced from herbs but many are also derived from mineral and chemical substances.
Homeopathy is based on the law of cure and if utilised correctly by a skilled practitioner can be very effective in treating many babies’ and children’s complaints such as Cough, Colds, Colic, Teething, Middle Ear Infections, and Tonsillitis.
If required, Homeopathic Medicines can be used concurrently with drug therapy such as Antibiotics.
Children often will not take Herbal Medicines, but are more than happy to take Homeopathic Medicines in the form of drops or pillules.
Homeopathy has a long established safety profile making it extremely suitable for the treatment of babies and children.
The Coast HEALTH MATTERS clinic is stocked with an extensive range of Homeopathic Medicines providing us with the ability to generate individual and specific formulations as required.