Hair analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an analytical and non invasive health screening tool for measuring the bodies’ mineral status.

 Hair Analysis provides reliable clinical information on over 35 nutrient and toxic minerals and more than 26 significant mineral ratios.

 Mineral imbalances can be due to pollution and toxic minerals such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Aluminium.

 Medications often deplete the body’s store of nutrients and minerals. Other factors in mineral imbalance may include poor diet, malabsorption, and depletion of minerals in the soil. Nutritional, genetic and hormonal causes can also be involved.

 Hair Analysis can be arranged through Coast HEALTH MATTERS clinic and includes a report for the patient and a more detailed one for the practitioner including detailed dietary recommendations and nutritional supplementation.

 While Blood Tests are not always definitive, the comprehensive clinical data from Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis often sheds significant light on a person’s health status and is usually available from the licensed laboratory within 10-14 days.