Biomesotherapy / Biopuncture

Biomesotherapy works by combining oral Homeopathic Medicines simultaneously with stimulation of Trigger or Acupuncture points using a saline solution inserted just under the skin.

This stimulates deeper organ systems known as a cutivisceral reflex arc.

Although little known here in Australia, this is a very popular treatment in Europe, with more than 70 million Biomesotherapy treatments given yearly. Commonly used examples are Traumeel and Zeel which are often used for Inflammation, Sports Injuries, Tennis Elbow and Arthritis.

At Coast HEALTH MATTERS we can combine Acupuncture and Biomesotherapy to maximise and fast track results.

Biomesotherapy offers an excellent safety profile and studies show that it is as safe as oral Homeopathic Medicines.


Conditions treated with Biomesotherapy:

- Tennis elbow / Tendonitis
- Chronic back problems
- Arthritis
- Acute musculoskeletal problems
- Headaches or Migraines
- Wound healing
- Cartilage erosion
- Acute or chronic inflammation
- Injuries
- Skeletal pain
- Muscle, tendon, ligament bruising tears.
- Inflammation of the sinus
- Softening and repairing scar tissue
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Relaxing muscles
- Improving circulation