DSC_0077 DSC_0081Acupuncture is nowadays one of the most popular and widely utilised forms of complementary medicine with almost one third of the world population using Acupuncture as a primary form of healthcare.

Acupuncture is primarily a balancing treatment and is activated by the insertion of very fine, disposable needles into Acu-points on various body channels or pathways.

The Acupuncture needles are retained for approximately 15-20 minutes and in most instances a deep relaxation effect is one of the positive and pleasant side effects noted.

Acupuncture is used and excels primarily for various pain syndromes, organ dysfunction, stress related illnesses, as well as immune and hormonal dysfunction.

Warm Needle Therapy is Acupuncture applied with Moxabustion or a Heat Lamp to provide a soothing and warming treatment for many conditions.

At the Coast HEALTH MATTERS, Coolum Beach clinic we treat Herniated and Bulging Disc problems with Acupuncture, including Electro Acupuncture, to significantly reduce pain and dysfunction thereby improving patient mobility and wellbeing. 


Laser Acupuncture is a safe, painless and non-invasive treatment suitable for babies, children and those who are needle sensitive.

Studies have shown that Laser Therapy has an immediate effect at the cellular level, on the local tissue systems, and a whole body immune response.

Laser Therapy can be used locally on Acu-Points or as a specific Musculoskeletal treatment. 


Electro Acupuncture is often utilised for pain management at the Coast HEALTH MATTERS clinic and has demonstrated superior effect particularly for Lower Back Pain and Sprain including Herniated, Bulging Disc and Sciatica.

Electro Acupuncture is very similar to what is known as a TENS machine, difference being the electrodes stimulate the needles to provide a pleasant relaxation effect of local muscle tissue and nerve pathways.