Inital Visit & Prices

1477526_508812769216873_77434282_nOnce the initial detailed case history is taken, all the presenting signs and symptoms are combined together with pulse and tongue diagnosis to guide us towards a Chinese Medicine Diagnosis.

In addition skin colour and tones, palpations of body areas and Iris diagnosis provide us with a deeper understanding of the individual Chinese Medicine Diagnosis.

With this the treatment becomes patient specific and may include two to three different therapies to maximize therapeutic outcomes.

While Chinese Medicine has traditionally functioned as a primary system of health care, it can also complement and enhance the efficacy of Western Medicine.

The diagnostic approach :

  • Initial interview and case history taken
  • Chinese Medicine diagnosis, pulse, tongue and Iris diagnosis
  • Treatment plan and clinical approach
  • Patient specific treatment protocol

Schedule of fees :

  • Initial Consultation: $ 90
  • Subsequent Visits: $ 80
  • Short Consultation: $ 70
  • Long Consultation: $ 85
  • Children’s Consultation under 12 years of age: $ 70 / $ 60

Please be aware that a 1% surcharge will apply to all Credit Card transactions.